Qualifying Rodeos

                The maximum number of points which could be earned per event is 10 points and points through 10 places. Total of 55 points offered in each event and distributed as such: 1st-10 points, 2nd- 9 points; 3rd-8 points; 4th-7 points;5th-6 points; 6th-5 points; 7th-4 points; 8th-3 points; 9th-2 points; 10th-1 point.


State Finals Qualifications

             The top 30 contestants in each event, (except Team Roping which will be the top 60 contestants) will be eligible to compete at State Finals. Eligibility is figured by the contestants 10 best rodeos per event. These points are carried to State Finals, the maximum being 100 points.

                Team Roping: the top 60 team ropers will make up the 30 teams; points will be combined (maximum 200 points.)

The top 10 teams with the most points from the Points brought in (10 best rodeos) plus 1st go and 2nd go points, will compete in the short go.         

State Finals Points System


                                1st Go                     2nd Go                    Short Go                Average               Year End Average (Bonus pts.)


1st                            20                           20                           15                           15                                     40

2nd                          18                           18                           13.5                        13.5                                  36

3rd                           16                           16                           12                           12                                     32

4th                           14                           14                           10.5                        10.5                                  28

5th                           12                           12                           9                              9                                        24

6th                           10                           10                           7.5                         7.5                                      20

7th                           8                             8                             6                               6                                       16

8th                           6                              6                           4.5                           4.5                                     12

9th                           4                             4                             3                             3                                          8

10th`                        2                             2                          1.5                          1.5                                        4


10 TO COMPETE IN THE SHORT GO:  The Short Go at the State Finals shall include: Points earned in the 1st Go + 2nd Go + the top 10 accumulated points carried in.


Year End Event Champion: Points from the 10 best rodeos + 1st go + 2nd go + short go + average on three (using times and scores) + year end average points. Maximum of 210 points.


State Finals Event Champion: The average times or scores of the 1st and 2nd go.


State Finals All Around Champion: The combined  All Around points of the 1st and 2nd go. No points awarded in the average


Year End All Around Champion: Total points earned throughout the rodeo year in all events at all NHSRA approved rodeos, including State Finals, but before bonus points are added.


Year End Rookie Champion: Total points earned throughout the rodeo year in all events at all NHSRA approved rodeos, including State Finals, but before bonus points are added. This must be contestants first year of competition.


Average points are awarded to short go contestants ONLY. They must have a recorded time/score in at least one go round to be awarded average points.