The Nebraska High School Rodeo Association held their director meeting Sunday, February 27, 2011 in Arnold.  The meeting was called to order and opened with a prayer.  Board members present were Cindy Coffman, Dan Dailey, Doug Hinman, Joe Lemmon, Mark Peterson, KC Schaak, Gordon Simonson, Jim Wakefield, Jeff White, and Tricia Schaffer.  Secretaries - Becky Dailey and Tara McKay.  Student President Shelby Sanford.  Student directors Dani Hinman, Brandy Brown, Joni Qualm, Logan Glendy, Ashley Herringer, Shalee Lemmon and Chauncy Hesseltine.  Guests - Monique Nelson and Nancy Edelman.

It was moved to approve the minutes of the January 15, 2011 meeting and seconded.  Motion passed.  The financial and calendar reports were given.

The mid-winter meeting in Denver was reported on.  The site for the 2012-2013 nationals is undecided.  Springfield, IL did not have a signed contract and has pulled out.  Tricia and Rod met with Heartland Event Center in Grand Island regarding the 2012-2013 finals.

The meetings that the student officers attended at conference was reported on.

Expenses for the mid-winter meeting were presented.

It was moved and seconded to pay for Becky Dailey's, Tricia Schaffer's and the student officer's expenses to the mid-winter meeting.

The 2011 state finals stock was reported on.  Jeff Miller will have the timed event stock, Bryon Juma will have rough stock and Kissinger will have the cutting cattle.

The current sponsorship was reported on.  Currently we have $30,750 committed.  In 2010 we had $36,500 in sponsorship.

The Tod Slone bid for the 2011 saddle certificates was presented.

The NeHSRA will have a booth at the Horse Expo.  Members attending the expo are asked by the adult directors to be in western attire and wear back numbers.

Discussion was held on lettering in rodeo.  It was moved to table discussion until after lunch and seconded.

Break for lunch.

It was moved and seconded to send out rodeo participation letters and certificates to the school counselors to be handed out to the 2011 seniors.  For 8 Nay 4.  Rod Nelson offered to send out the certificates.

Rodeo Schedule: Discussion was held in regards to the expected fall rodeo schedule.  Tara had heard back from all but one of the fall rodeo committees.  Discussion was held on the 1099  and w9 that the association received form Donna Rankin, Fremont HS Rodeo.

Discussion was held on having a committee look at the guidelines for hosting a high school rodeo and making sure everything that is expected of a rodeo committee is covered.  These guidelines would be sent to all rodeo committees, with the rodeo approval forms, along with possible consequences for not meeting our expectations.

New Business:  Discussion was held on putting together a committee to make up guidelines for our rodeo approvals.

Discussion on having a membership fee for contractors.  It was moved and seconded to have $30 dues for rodeo contract personnel (judges and contractors).  It was moved and seconded to amend the motion and have the dues $50.  Amendment failed.  Motion passed.

In regards to requests for our membership list, it was moved and seconded to not give out member's names and addresses to anyone for any reason.  Motion passed.

It was moved and seconded to pay Lori Schafer $1500 for calendar expenses.  Motion passed.

Tricia Schaffer met with Eric Seacreast who represents Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation regarding setting up a foundation to protect the NHSRA endowment funds.

Jeff White is waiting to hear from PRCA about a date for the rough stock clinic.

Garret Nokes will give a motivational talk at McCook.  Jeff White will talk to Justin McBride about speaking at the Valentine Rodeo.

It was reported that RFD-TV showed interest in televising the state finals, but that it would not be economically feasible to televise.

Barry Littell's proposal was presented to the board using option 2 in regards to the point system for state finals.

The student directors came up with the following motto: Nebraska's Rules for Rodeo, Look Up, Get Up, Show Up, and Never Ever Give Up

Cowboy Prom will be May 28th at Valentine.

Members are encouraged to go through their school and have an impact test.  The website is  Any questions they can contact Suzanne Glendy.

Next meeting will be in McCook.

It was moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting adjourned.