November 7th, 2010

Meeting called to order with all directors & secretaries present, except Butterfield & Hinman.  Also present were student president Shelby Sanford, & guests Lori Schafer, Peggy Hinman, Boyd & Judy Mignery, & Barry Littell.

Minutes & financial report were given & approved.

Discussion was held on guidelines for the endowment fund.

Discussion was held on the mid-winter meeting & what the board would like to see from the National Office.

It was decided to pay for travel & motel expenses for student officers to attend the mid-winter meeting in Denver.

Discussion was held on mottos or goals for the upcoming rodeo season.  It was suggested to have Nebraska NFR world champions & qualifiers speak at practice rodeos throughout the season, & give motivational talks.  Suggested having a sendoff for NFR qualifiers at winter banquet.

Tentative Spring Schedule

April 30 & May 1      McCook

May 7                        Hyannis

May 8                        Arthur

May 14 & 15             Burwell

May 21                      Madison

May 22                      Atkinson

May 28                     Gordon

May 29                      Valentine

June 3                         Stapleton

June 4                         Thedford

June 5                         Mullen

June 10                       Panhandle

June 11                       Harrison

June 12                       Crawford

June 21-25                 State Finals


State Finals Report

     Boyd Mignery presented a 3 year state finals summary.

     Discussion was held on people using extra stalls that aren't necessary.  There was 5 rough stock & 3 timed event bids for the 2012-2013 finals.  State finals     stock committee & Hastings will meet & discuss stock.

Lori Schafer reported on the calendar balance.  Discussion was held on the setup & printing of the 2011 calendar.  It was suggested to pro rate or have weighted system for money given to national qualifiers.  Discussion was held on increasing the minimum calendar sales to 10.

It was moved & seconded to take 10% off the top of the calendar fund & put in the general fund for operating expenses.  Motion passed.

It was moved & seconded to re-direct $1 from the entry fee awards fund to the general fund.  Motion passed.  Therefore, the $3 per entry fee that is held from each rodeo entry will be dispersed as follows:  $1 - General Fund, $1 - Awards Fund & $1 - Student Fund.

Discussion was held on the Suzanne Glendy presentation at the General Membership meeting.

General Membership wants to keep the book format the same.  It was moved & seconded to table discussion on program book.  Motion passed.

2010 Winter Banquet

Live Auction (100 items)   $12,400

Silent Auction (100 items) $2,800

Gold Table                       $1,425

Total 2012 Scholarship               $16,628.50

It was moved & seconded to  reimburse Jerry Alberts for his 2009 purchase of $125 in the scholarship auction.  Motion passed

It was moved & seconded to go into executive session at 2:00 pm to discuss secretary position.  It was moved & seconded to come out of executive session at 2:08 pm.

New point secretary is Tara McKay.

Next meeting January 9,2011 in Arnold at 10:00 am CST.

It was moved & seconded to adjourn meeting.  Meeting adjourned.