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Nebraska High School Rodeo Association


For information regarding State Finals, please click on the link to the right. 

State Finals Information

We have 4 board members whose terms end this year. If you are interested in becoming a board member, be sure to attend the general membership meeting and election at 1:30 on Friday, June 9th at The Hitching Post in downtown Burwell.  

There will be an optional sidepot that contestants may enter at the spring NEHSRA rodeos. For more information or to enter, visit the link to the right. 

Sidepot Information

Please provide your input on the NEHSRA updates to the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws that need to be approved by the membership. In order to collect feedback in an organized and efficient manner please provide feedback via the online form link provided below. Links to the documents can also be found below. At this point we are trying to nail down the major concepts that are desired by the membership. The documents will still undergo legal review and final review before being presented to the membership, we will deal with formatting, spelling, or similar editorial items at that time.

The National High School Rodeo Association has asked us to update our by-laws, specifically to include our junior high in the association documents and membership. During our review of the by-laws and necessary changes other questions related to the by-laws were also raised. Our review has resulted in a fair bit of cleanup, but the meaningful issues are pretty limited and straight forward. Mostly, we need the membership to decide how it wants the Association’s board to be structured and how to include the junior high.

There was a lot of historical clutter in the documents that we are suggesting be eliminated. Items belong in the Articles of Inc., the by-laws, or the Nebraska rules, but were often in the wrong place or in multiple places, thus many changes relate to cleaning this up and simply reorganizing. The documents will still undergo a legal review to make sure they comply with updated laws that have changed as well, but first we want to finalize the changes desired by the Association membership.

Major items are: 1) Adding junior high contestants to the association memberships so that the junior high is included in the Association, 2) Including Junior High National Director on the board, 3) Clarifying the language that allowed or prohibited two board members from the same household relating to membership election of adult directors, 4) Updating contestant membership class to include an adult membership, as is the practice currently and remove the additional non-contestant membership class as well as eliminating the issuance of membership cards.

Link to review suggested changes to the NEHSRA Articles of Incorporation. NEHSRA Articles of Incorporation Redline March 25 2023.pdf

Link to review suggested changes to the NEHSRA By-laws. NEHSRA Redline Bylaws March 25 2023.pdf

Link to online form for providing feedback to the committee and Board of Directors.

To access the most recent version of the Nebraska High School Rodeo Association By-Laws, please click on the link to the right. 


If you'd like to fill out an application to judge NHSRA rodeos, please click on the link to the right. 

Judge Application

Please click on the link to the right to view the 2023 Spring Schedule.

Spring Schedule

To view the minutes from past meetings, please click the link to the right.




May 31

Entries Close

State Finals

June 8-11

State Finals

Garfield County Fairgrounds-Burwell