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Nebraska High School Rodeo Association


2022 Bo Bushhousen

2021 Cooper Bass

2020 Hayden Jennings

2019 Sage Konicek, Ord

2018 Sage Konicek, Ord

2017 JT Bradley, Brewster

2016 Mark Kasperbauer, Spalding

2015 Mark Kasperbauer, Spalding

2014 Seth Cumpton, Lewellen

2013 Seth Cumpton, Lewellen

2012 Sterling Atkins, Broken Bow

2011 Seth Cumpton, Lewellen

2010 Brock Baxter, Grand Island

2009 Brock Baxter, Grand Island

2008 Bryce Baxter, Grand Island

2007 Bryce Baxter, Grand Island

2006 Bryce Baxter, Grand Island

            Cord Haythorn, Arthur

2005 Cord Haythorn, Arthur

2004 Tyler Minor, Hyannis

2003 Tyler Minor, Hyannis

2002 Grant Daniel, Norfolk

2001 Sage Haythorn, Arthur

2000 Dustin Schrunk, Atkinson

1999 Marty Smith, Pender

1998 Jon Kvols, Laurel

1997 Marty Smith, Pender

1996 Joel Johnston, Thedford

1995 Wade Kramer, Arthur

1994 Randy Suhn, Ogallala

1993 Wade Kramer, Arthur

1992 Jeff Johnston, Thedford

1991 Barrey Konicek, Bancroft

1990 Cory Hildebrandt, Maywood

1989 Barrey Konicek, Bancroft

1988 Barrey Konicek, Bancroft

1987 Joe Ensminger, Valentine

1986 Joe Ensminger, Valentine

1985 Ray Sitorius, Gothenburg

1984 Ray Sitorius, Gothenburg

1983 Mike Ferguson, Wood Lake