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Nebraska High School Rodeo Association


2022 Cooper Kursave

2021 Hunter Boydston

2020 Gauge McBride

2019 Conner Halverson

2018 Conner Halverson

2017 Mason Ward, North Platte

2016 Dillon Micheel, Brewster

2015 Garrett Wickett, Norfolk

2014 Ethan Lesiak, Clarks

2013 Dalton Cunningham, Bloomfield

2012 Chauncy Hesseltine, Thedford

2011 Dalton Cunningham, Bloomfield

2010 Trey Kerner, Sutherland

2009 Buck Moon, Sargent

2008 Loncey Johnson, North Platte

2007 Austin Wolfe, Liscoe

2006 Wylie Johnson, North Platte

2005 Bart Miller, Oshkosh

2004 Brandon Dufurrena, Crawford

2003 Beau Larsen, Chugwater WY

2002 Beau Larsen, Chugwater WY

2001 Justin Staman, Crawford

2000 Josh Larsen, North Platte

1999 Justin Boots, Ashby

1998 Nuly Daniels, Ainsworth

1997 Justin McBride, Mullen

1996 Nuly Daniels, Ainsworth

1995 Francis Wilson, Sidney

1994 Brad Kreikemeier, West Point

1993 Chad Brennan, Ellsworth

1992 Chad Brennan, Ellsworth

1991 Pat Burk, Ewing

1990 Faron Wickett, Battle Creek

1989 Pat Burk, Ewing

1988 Pat Burk, Ewing

1987 Sonny Plugge, Ord

1986 Jim Watland, Norfolk

1985 Ryan Lindsey, Burwell

1984 Neil BoKoskie, North Platte

1983 Neil BoKoskie, North Platte