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Nebraska High School Rodeo Association


2022 Libby Hegemann

2021 Wacey Day

2020 Emma Ohm

2019 Riata Day

2018 Wacey Day

2017 Maddee Doerr, Creighton

2016 Libby Winchell, Scottsbluff

2015 Maddee Doerr, Creighton

2014 Libby Winchell, Scottsbluff

2013 Torie Opela, Stapleton

2012 Torie Opela, Stapleton

2011 Mardee Sierks, Brewster

2010 Mardee Sierks, Brewster

2009 Shelby Winchell, Scottsbluff

2008 Tylee Coffman, Dunning

2007 Mackenzie Johnston, Milburn

2006 Kayla Dobbins, Hershey

2005 Kirby Eppert, Central City

2004 Jena Lien, Hemingford

2003 Jyme Peterson, Kilgore

2002 Jyme Peterson, Kilgore

2001 Jyme Peterson, Kilgore

2000 Andrea Boettcher, Atkinson

1999 Andrea Boettcher, Atkinson

1998 Jennifer Cullen, Alliance

1997 Jennifer Cullen, Alliance

1996 Hope Whitaker, Chambers

1995 Nancy Parliament, Broken Bow

1994 Emily Schaffer, North Platte

1993 Emily Schaffer, North Platte

1992 Kisha Gracey, Dunning

1991 Carrie Howard, Ansley

1990 Mindi Terrell, Chadron

1989 Dalle Sell, Valentine

1988 Kristi White, Ansley

1987 Kristi White, Ansley

1986 Tee Jay Miller, Ashby

1985 Dori Hollenbeck, Winner SD

1984 Dori Hollenbeck, Winner SD

1983 Dori Hollenbeck, Winner SD