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Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

2021 Raffle Ticket Letter

2021-2022 Membership Info:

Please note: Everyone is required to become a member through the Online Member Portal starting with the new season!!! You will not be able to start the membership process until July 1, 2021, that is when the portal will open for the new season. I have put together some info about the whole process. Please click the buttons below for added info.








The family of Neil Drake, an alumni of the Nebraska High School Rodeo Association, has a new scholarship opportunity that is available to one lucky Cowgirl or Cowboy for the 2021-2022 rodeo season. The winner will have all of their entry fees paid for the 2021-2022 rodeo season!

Neil loved rodeo and was passionate about bareback riding and everything about rodeo life. However, due to financial reason, Neil was not able to rodeo as much as he would have liked. Neil passed away in 2014 from an undiagnosed rare genetic disorder.

Membership & Grade Info

Brandi Pokorny, 83940 493rd Avenue Bartlett NE 68622

All membership questions please call 308-654-3413 or 402-336-7730. Memberships must be 100% complete and uploaded to your National Profile NO LATER than ONE WEEK BEFORE the entries close for the rodeo you are entering, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Grades for the current season now have to be uploaded to the National Membership Portal.

Additional Forms

Donations - where do they go?

Endowment Fund

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to sustain on a long term basis the Nebraska High School Rodeo Association to promote education for the youth in Rodeo. This is a long lasting account with only the interest used to support our youth through education and awards. Donors are kept permanently within the records of the association. Contributions to this fund are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to preserve our Western Heritage for High School Students, your gift, or memorial, will be appreciated forever. Contributions may be sent to: The Nebraska High School Rodeo Endowment Fund, 83940 493rd Avenue, Bartlett NE 68622.

General Fund

Your membership fees are deposited into this account along any miscellaneous income that does not have a designated area. The expenses paid from this account include the secretary's wages, postage, any copies that need made for meetings, state finals, etc., printer ink, non-profit organization liability insurance, donations, reimbursement for travel, and other miscellaneous expenses. $1.00 of the $3.50 that is paid back to the Association on each entry fee, goes into this account.

Scholarship Fund

These funds are used to pay out the scholarships that the state association awards. The major source of income is from the raffle sales that the members sell in the fall. The amount of money to be put into a yearly CD for the senior class is voted on by the Board of Directors.

Sponsor/Award Fund

All money received from our state sponsors is deposited to this account. Also, of the $3.50 that goes back to the state from each entry fee at every qualifying rodeo, $2.00 goes to this fund. The awards given at state finals are funded by this account.

Student Fund

Turn-out fines and $.50 of the $3.50 entry fee fund this account.  Funds from this account assist the students with whatever activities they choose for state finals (renting of basketball courts for tournament, DJ for dance, etc).

Raffle Fund

This account is strictly used for the annual raffle ticket sales.  Only money from the sale of raffle tickets is deposited into this account.  This account pays for whatever prizes are awarded for winning the raffle, entry fee money that the student earns for selling above and beyond the required amount, funds the senior scholarship account and pays for the National Qualifiers travel money, which is decided on and voted by the board of directors every year.  This account also is used to pay awards for State Finals if there are not enough funds in the Sponsor/Award Fund to cover all award costs.

Central Entry Fund

This fund is held by the Central Entry Secretary.  It is funded strictly by the members entry fees.  $1.00 of each entry fee of the $3.50 that goes back to the state goes to this account to pay the Central Entry Secretary.  The breakdown of the $20.00 entry fee is as follows:  $15.50 gets paid back to the host rodeo committee, $2.00 to the Sponsor/Award Fund, $1.00 to the General Fund, $.50 to the Student Fund and $1.00 to the Central Entry.