Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

Membership Application Process

Due 10 days prior to entry opening date of first rodeo of season or 10 days prior to entry closing date for all other rodeos in order to be eligible to enter.

  1. Fill out Nebraska High School Rodeo Online Application. Nebraska Application
    1. Submit the unsigned form (this populates the secretary’s member file with your contact info), enter name and email you want completed form sent to so you can print for notary. 
    2. Print the unsigned form from your email.
    3. Sign with Notary for upload to the National Portal with documents printed in 2c.
  2. Login to National High School Rodeo Association Membership Portal. National Member Portal
    1. You will only need to create a new account if you have never been a member (Jr. High or High School).
    2. Complete 1) National Membership Application and 2) National Minors Release Waiver.
    3. Pay National and Nebraska Dues.
    4. Print National Application and National Minors Release.
  3. Sign Documents.
    1. Nebraska Application (Notarized).
    2. National Application.
    3. National Minors Release (Notarized).
  4. Upload Documents to National Portal.
    1. Login to Portal.
      • Upload National Membership Application
      • Upload National Minors Release Waiver
      • Upload Nebraska Application
      • Upload Grade Transcript or the Home School Verification Form