August 13th, 2022

Bassett, NE 


Jason Ohm, Shane Gorwill, Tim Vaughn, Jenny Johnston, Jasper Fanning, Will Druery, Jim Buss, Brett Miller, Levi Fisher, Richard Schrunk, Adam Clark, Sharlene Buss

Directors Absent: Jamie Olson

Minutes from the June meeting were read.   

Tim made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. 

2nd by Richard.  Motion carried. 

Halie gave her financial report: 

Raffle: $1,070.50

Award: $2,021

Student: $3,771.03

General: $13,317.87

Jasper made a motion to approve the financial report as presented. 2nd  by Tim.  Motion carried. 

New Positions Updates 

Halie has enjoyed her position.  The biggest frustration is the communication gap from the board/secretaries to contestants/parents.  She does not feel that Facebook is an effective or efficient way to communicate.  Halie suggested we look into a texting service where we could send important information directly to the contestants.  Halie discussed the push back she received on the 7 day deadline to get membership paperwork and explained the reason behind the deadline.  Jasper had some good ideas on how to make the process run smoother in the future.  Halie also suggested having a meeting with the outgoing 8th graders during the Jr. High Finals with the differences in membership system and entry system. 

Sara said it’s been busy.  It was a short period of time to transition.  There are a few issues with the new system and she is confident they will be worked out.  She hopes people are patient with the transition. The RMS has been very responsive and is really trying to get it to fit our needs.  Sara clarified the biggest concern with taking checks is that parents are not sending the correct amount.  She spends a lot of time trying to figure out where the money is supposed to be applied.  Sara suggested if we are going to take checks that parents send separate checks for each rodeo. 

Sharlene reported that the National Office is looking for a permanent place to hold the Finals.  Looking at Lazy E, but Lazy E’s facility lacks a place for a trade show and not enough camper hook ups. 

New Central Entry Line(RMS) was discussed.  Jasper made a suggestion to form a committee to work with Sara and Halie to come up with recommendations on the membership and RMS with things we need to improve upon and bring these ideas to the November meeting. Jason asked Jasper to head up the committee, Jasper agreed.  Tim and Levi also agreed to be on the committee. 

The $8 gate charged per family changing to $8/ contestant change was discussed. 

Jasper made a motion to establish $8/ contestant.  Jasper withdrew the motion. It was decided that this topic needed to be brought up at a general membership meeting before it should be changed. 

The First National Bank Scholarship Checking account was discussed. Jenny made a motion to add Heather Hatwager & Halie Forre to the checking account as well as  leave Tricia’s name on the account.  2nd by Jim.  Motion carried. 

Jasper made a motion to approve starting a $6500 12 Month CD & pay (2) $500 scholarships in January with the money donated from the UNK Rodeo Club 2nd by Jenny. Motion carried. 

Jasper made a motion to reimburse Tricia’s expenses from Nationals in the amount of $962.  2nd by Tim.  Motion carried. 

Jasper made a motion to reimburse Sara for her hotel from Harrison/Crawford Rodeo Due to the very quick turnaround between the last rodeos of the weekend and finals in the amount of $266.91 & also to reimburse Sara for Cognito Forms in the amount of $81.90. 2nd by Richard. Motion Passed. 

Leftover prizes from State Finals were discussed as to what to do with them.  Tim will call Trish and pick up the prizes and bring them to Lexington.  Tim will have it announced at Lexington & if people are interested, they can go over to Tim’s trailer or he can put them in the office. 

Rodeo of the Year and Judge of the Year were discussed.  It was decided that the board would decide this year and next year have the contestants vote on it at the same time they vote on Student Directors.  

Nominated for Rodeo of the year.  

Bassett was nominated by Jim 

Thedford was nominated by Levi. 

Jasper called for nominations to cease.

Bassett – 7 votes

Thedford – 4 votes 

Bassett is the 2022 Rodeo of the year.

Judge of the year 

Trey White was nominated by Levi 

Becky White was nominated by Sharlene 

Jasper called for nominations to cease.

It was a tie.  Trey & Becky White are judges of the year. 

Tim  made a motion to adjourn @ 8:27. 2nd by Richard. Motion carried.