December 18th, 2022
Stapleton,  NE 

DIRECTORS PRESENT: Jason Ohm, Shane Gorwill, Tim Vaughn, Jenny Johnston, Jasper Fanning, Will Druery, Jim Buss, Brett Miller, Levi Fisher, Richard Schrunk, Scott Rasmussen & Sharlene Buss

DIRECTORS Absent: Jamie Olson & Adam Clark

Meeting was called to order at 11:10 AM by Jason Ohm.

Minutes from the November  meeting were handed out.  

Jasper made a motion to approve the minutes with an amendment striking “Tommy has been unwilling to bring horses that are safe for the kids.” 2nd by Jenny.  Motion carried. 

Discussion was made on the motion from the November meeting of not allowing Tommy Phillips to bring  broncs to the Spring rodeos.  Levi made a motion to change the motion from November meeting  to now read:  Rodeos can contract stock with Tommy Phillips but they must have their existing saddle bronc horses pre approved,  purchase new horses or subcontract horses.  2nd by Brett. Motion Carried 

Jim made a motion to approve Scott Rasmussen as the Shooting Sports Adult Director.   2nd by Jasper Motion Carried 

The Spring rodeo judging policy was discussed.  

Jim made a motion to approve 13 judges for the Spring rodeos.  2nd by Scott Motion Carried 

Will made a motion to adjourn @ 2:40. 2nd by Shane. Motion Carried.