FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2022 @ 3:00 PM CT


Directors Present:  Tricia Schaffer, Brandi Pokorny, Sara Hermelbracht, Tagg From, Jason Ohm, Jenny Johnston, Jared Storer, Jamie Olson, Brett Miller, Mark Jensen, Richard Schrunk, Harry Crouse, Levi Fisher, Ben Bailey, Tim Vaughn

Directors Absent:  none

Minutes from November 7, 2021, General Membership Meeting were read by Brandi.  Richard made a motion to accept the minutes as read.  2nd by Harry.  Motion carried

Financial Report was given by Brandi: Raffle Account: $77,773.50

Award Account: $11,081.30

Student Account: $10,618.53

General Account: $21,057.62

Jenny made a motion to accept the financial report.  2nd by Tim.  Motion carried.

National report from Tricia Schaffer:  Tricia told the general membership to keep watching the National Website with what programs are offered.  National’s will be held in Gillette this year.  

Cutting and RCH as mandatory or optional events:  Tricia visited with the general membership about Cutting and RCH as optional or mandatory events.  This must be determined by each state and then turned into the National Office each season.

National Points System:  The National Rulebook has 3 points options.  Each state determines which option they would like to follow and then must be turned into the National Office.  There was much discussion about the National Point System options.  Tricia stated that these options are in the rulebook.  This is always voted on by the board at State Finals Board of Directors meeting.  

Fundraiser for upcoming year:  Carrie Hurlburt visited with the general membership.  We will be doing the raffle again.  The 1st prize drawing will be a John Deere Gator again.  They are working on coming up with more prizes.  There is a nice incentive for the kids that sell above and beyond the minimum which is entry fee money for the spring.  The money from the raffle goes to pay for National Qualifier travel fees, scholarships, and state finals awards.  

Election of Directors:  Nominations:  Jason Ohm, Chris Pearson, Jim Buss, Jasper Fanning, Will Druery, Becky Pearson.  Mark made a motion to cease nominations.  2nd by Ben.  Motion carried.  The General Membership voted by paper ballot.  After the votes were tallied the new directors are:  Jason Ohm, Jim Buss, Jasper Fanning and Will Druery.  Directors serve 3-year terms.  Mark Jensen is going off the board because Jymmie is a senior, so he appointed Adam Clark to serve out his term.  Harry Crouse is also going off because Bradie is a senior, so he appointed Shane Gorwill to serve out his term.
Mark made a motion to adjourn.  2nd by Ben.  Motion carried.