Minutes General Membership Meeting, June 2023, Burwell, NE

Jason called meeting to order.

Jasper read the minutes from the 2022 membership meeting. Tim moved to approve as read. Seconded by Scott. Motion Carried.

Levi presented the financial report. Jasper moved to approve the financial report. Seconded by Richard. Motion Carried.

The options for Reined Cow Horse were discussed with the membership. Tim moved to leave as is. Seconded by Brett. Motion Carried.

Points options were discussed by the members present. Scott Glinn moved to change to Option 2. Seconded by Dawn Schemper. Motion Failed 16-74.

Stephanie Miller gave an update on the raffle fund raiser. She also suggested changing the fund name in the financials to raffle fund.

Reagan Wiebelhaus moved to keep points Option 1. Seconded by Rodney Doggett. Motion Carried.

Jasper presented the amended Articles of Incorporation and By-laws and moved to approve the amended Articles of Incorporation and By-laws as presented. Seconded by Will. Motion Carried 81-0.

Nominations were taken for Board of Director seats. Those nominated were Richard Schrunk, Heather Kramer, Rod Doggett, Brad Miller, Tammi Swanson, Cooper McBride, Shane Gorwill, and Chris Pearson.

Jim Walz moved nominations cease. Seconded by Jasper Fanning. Motion Carried.

Votes were counted and elected were Richard Schrunk, Cooper McBride, and Chris Pearson. A runoff election between Heather Kramer and Brad Miller was conducted with Heather Kramer being elected to the Board of Directors.

Members discussed the number of rodeos that count towards finals. A motion to change from 15 to 12 was made by Joleen Falkenburg and Seconded by Reagan Wiebelhaus. Motion was ruled out of order as it was not on the agenda.

Richard moved to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Jasper Fanning. Motion Carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Jasper Fanning