SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 2022 @ 3:00 PM CT


Directors Present:  National Director Tricia Schaffer, Secretary Brandi Pokorny, Central Entry Secretary Sara Hermelbracht, Adam Clark, Jamie Olson, Shane Gorwill, Jasper Fanning, Jim Buss, Will Druery, Brett Miller, Jason Ohm, Richard Schrunk, Jenny Johnston, Tim Vaughn, Levi Fisher

Directors Absent: none

Minutes from the May 28, 2022, Board meeting were presented to the board.  Jenny made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  2nd by Richard.  Motion carried.

Brandi stated that the financial report did not change from yesterday’s General Membership Meeting.  Richard made a motion to accept the financial report as presented yesterday at the General Membership meeting.  2nd by Jamie.  Motion carried.

Senior Awards:

  1. Spirit Award Buckle:  Ashlyn Johnson
  2. Teskey’s Top Hand $250 Scholarship:  Gage Davis
  3. Bex Sunglasses:  Savannah Jensen
  4. NHSRA Crisis Fund Hard Luck $250 Scholarship:  Tucker Ravenscroft

Tricia made a motion to award these senior awards.  2nd by Richard.  Motion carried.

Election of Officers:  Nominations:  for President:  Jason Ohm:  Jasper Fanning made a motion to cease nominations.  2nd by Tim.  Motion carried.  Jason Ohm is the new President.

Nominations for Vice President:  Jim Buss, Tim Vaughn:   Tricia made a motion to cease nominations and vote by paper ballot.  2nd by Richard.  Motion carried.  Votes were counted.  Tim Vaughn received 4 votes and Jim Buss received 8 votes.  Jim Buss is the new Vice President.  

Appointment of Adult Event Directors:

  1. Barebacks:  Tim Vaughn
  2. Saddle Broncs:  Jim Buss
  3. Bull Riding:  Shane Gorwill
  4. Tie Down:  Richard Schrunk
  5. Steer Wrestling:  Brett Miller
  6. TR(Header):  Will Drurey
  7. TR(Heeler):  Will Drurey
  8. Boys Cutting:  Levi Fisher
  9. Breakaway:  Jenny Johnston
  10. Goat Tying: Jason Ohm
  11. Barrel Racing:  Jasper Fanning
  12. Girls Cutting:  Levi Fisher
  13. RCH:  Jamie Olson
  14. Queen Contest:  Robin Werth
  15. Poles:  Adam Clark

It was discussed that Harry Crouse purchased a backup electric eye.  Jim Buss made the motion to reimburse Harry Crouse for the back up electric eye.  2nd by Jasper.  Motion carried.

Fall Banner Schedule:

  1. State Finals to Bassett:  Richard Schrunk
  2. Bassett to Lexington:  Jim Buss
  3. Lexington to Bloomfield:  Will Drurey
  4. Bloomfield to O’Neill:  Jamie Olson
  5. O’Neill to Nelson:  Jason Ohm
  6. Nelson to State Fair:  Jenny Johnston
  7. State Fair to Broken Bow:  Shane Gorwill
  8. Broken Bow to North Platte:  Brett Miller
  9. North Platte to McCook in spring:  Levi Fisher

The board discussed asking each rodeo committee to start their Saturday rodeos later.  The board will each take a rodeo committee to visit with them.  

Fall Rodeo Approvals:  Jim made a motion to approve the fall rodeos as presented.  2nd by Brett.  Motion carried. 

Cutting & RCH as mandatory or optional events:  Levi made a motion to keep cutting mandatory and RCH optional.  2nd by Tricia.  Motion carried.  

National Points System: Tim made motion to keep it as option 1 in the National Rulebook.  2nd Richard.  Motion carried.

State Finals Contract:  Tim made a motion to approve Burwell’s State Finals and look at the contract again after 2023 Finals.  2nd Jenny.  Motion carried.

Travel money for National Contestants:  Jasper made a motion to pay National Qualifiers $950.  2nd by Richard.  Motion carried.

Membership Secretary position:  Tim made a motion to hire Halie Forre as the new State Membership Secretary for Nebraska.  Hailey will start her new position on July 1, 2022.  2nd by Jim Buss.  Motion carried.

Tim made a motion to go into recess at 4:10 PM for the Senior Scholarship Recognition.  2nd by Richard.  Motion carried.

Meeting resumed at 4:47 PM.  

Jasper made the motion at 4:48 PM to go into executive session to protect personal and identifiable information.  2nd by Tim.  Motion carried.  Jim Buss excused himself because of conflict of interest since Charlene interviewed for the National Director position.

Tim made a motion to come out of executive session at 5:10 PM.  2nd by Levi.  Motion carried.

National Director position:  The board voted by paper ballot.  Jim Buss abstained from voting because of conflict of interest.  Adam Clark abstained from voting because he was not present for the interviews.  After counting the ballots, the New National Director is Charlene Buss.

New Business:  Clancy Jo Brown was hurt and could not compete all spring.  She had an entry fee voucher from raffle sales.  The board said it would be ok for her to use her voucher this fall due to medical reasons.

Jamie Olson visited with the board about Reined Cow Horse points coming into finals.  He wants to leave it the way it is in the rule book states for now.  Maybe relook at it in the future.

Tim made a motion to adjourn. 2nd by Jim.  Motion carried.