Nebraska High School Rodeo Association

NEHSRA Board of Directors Meeting
June 14, 2024 @ 2pm
Silver 4-H Building, Burwell NE Fairgrounds

Jason called the meeting to order at 2:09pm.  Directors in attendance were: National Director Sharlene Buss, Heather Kramer, Chris Pearson, Will Druery, Jasper Fanning, Richard Schrunk, Tammie Swanson, Paul Heath, Jeff Johnston, Cooper McBride, Adam Clark, Jamie Olson.  

Jason started off the meeting, by naming his event director replacement as he steps down as the NeHSRA board.  Brad McCully will step in to finish out the term.  Jason asked for nominations for President.  Jasper Fanning and Will Druery were nominated.  Jasper (11) Will (2).  Jasper Fanning will be the new NeHSRA President.  With Jasper being elected, Jason handed over the meeting to be finished by the new president.  

Nominations for Vice President were Will Druery.  No other nominations.  Nominations for secretary were Adam Clark & Jamie Olson.  Jamie (7) Adam (6).  Nominations for Treasurer were Tammie Swanson.  The NeHSRA 2024-25 Board/Event Directors:

Jasper Fanning (President) – Tie Down Roping
Will Druery (Vice President) – Team Roping
Jamie Olson (Secretary) – Reined Cowhorse/Goat Tying
Tammie Swanson (Treasurer) – Breakaway
Jeff Johnston – Steer Wrestling
Cooper McBride – Bareback
Brad McCully – Saddle Bronc
Heather Kramer – Barrel Racing
Paul Heath – Shooting Sports
Chris Pearson – Cutting
Adam Clark – Pole Bending
Richard Schrunk – Bull Riding
Sharlene Buss – National Director

Discussion was had about the Fall rodeos.  Chris is working on August 2-4 to host the first 6 early cuttings.  Entries will open for those on July 21st or July 22nd and Close July ? Once dates and information is set, there will be a Facebook post/text to cutters to prioritize their memberships. A sub committee will meet by zoom on July 8th @ 8pm to go over approvals. Sub committee consists of Richard, Heather, Adam, Sharlene, Will and Jasper.  

A sub committee was created to go over the Rulebook for any clarifications and changes needing to be made that are contradictory.  The committee consists of Jasper, Jamie, Paul, cooper and Sharlene.  

There was immense discussion regarding the different scenarios and amounts to possibly change the entry fees to and how it would work and who would get what amounts.  Will moved to make the entry fees $25 across the board.  Heather seconded the motion.  All in favor, none opposed – motion passed.  

Cooper made a motion for a $5 stock charge per contestant/event, minus the Pole Bending and Barrel racing to go to the committee. Will seconded the motion.  Adam opposed, all others in favor –  motion passed.  

Jeff moved to adjourn the meeting, Cooper seconded.  All in favor, none opposed – meeting adjourned.