November 13th, 2022
Stapleton,  NE 

DIRECTORS PRESENT: Jason Ohm, Shane Gorwill, Tim Vaughn, Jenny Johnston, Jasper Fanning, Jamie Olson, Will Druery, Jim Buss, Brett Miller, Levi Fisher, Richard Schrunk, Adam Clark, Sharlene Buss

Meeting was called to order at 11:00 AM by Jason Ohm.

Minutes from the August  meeting were read by Halie. 

Tim made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. 2nd by Jasper.  Motion carried. 

Halie gave the financial report: 

Raffle: $112,063
Award: $18,377
Student: $7,070.03
General: $22,630.08
Endowment fund was discussed.  Balance as of August 31st 2021 was $119,355.  

Jasper made a motion not to reinvest in the endowment this year.  Motion was 2nd by Tim.  Motion Carried. 

Jasper reported back on  the New Entry System Committee meeting.  Levi, Tim & Jasper make up the committee.  They feel it’s important if we make any changes to the entry system that should be changed after the current season is over.  If there are other entry systems out there, Jasper suggested that the committee work with Sara prior to the new season to decide if there is a better system than Rodeo Management System.

The options of checks were discussed for the Spring rodeos. The committee will work with Sara on ideas for instructions that will go along with those who choose to pay by check. 

Jasper made a motion to change the gate fee at rodeos from $8 per family to $6 per contestant to accommodate the Rodeo Management System.  2nd by Jamie. Motion carried 

Sara gave an update and passed out spreadsheets with entry numbers  from the Spring & Fall rodeos 

Spring rodeo schedule was discussed.  Stapleton would like to go back to their original date of Sunday and Thedford would like to go back to their date of Saturday. 

Halie proposed a texting service that parents and contestants can opt into to get texting updates for deadlines and rodeo information. Board suggested members and only 1 parent per household  be allowed to opt in to help keep costs down. 

Jasper made a motion for Halie to move forward with the $25/month plan with Project Broadcast. Will 2nd. Motion Carried 

Board discussed contractors Saddle Bronc & contestant safety.  Jim Buss was approached by the contestant’s parents concerned about Tommy Phillips broncs.  Jim has had many conversations with Tommy about the safety concerns. Jim made a motion to notify committee’s we will not approve rodeo’s with Tommy Phillip’s saddle broncs in the Spring.  Rodeo’s can contract stock with Tommy, but Tommy must sub contract the Saddle Bronc horses. 2nd by Richard. Motion Carried (9-3). 

Discussion was made on updating the rule book.  Jasper made a motion that Halie modify the handbook with  changes discussed & bring back to the February meeting. Jim 2nd Motion Carried. 

The board discussed the issues with some of the judges’ calls last year.  Jason suggested we have a system that gives the board authority to select the judges for the rodeo. Jasper made a motion that the high school board of directors change the policy so that the board has a role in selecting the judges for the high school rodeos.  Jim 2nd. Motion Carried (11-1) 

Jessica Heath addressed concerns with how rodeos award their All Around Prizes. The board explained that there is no rule that gives the board say in how the prizes are given out.  

Jim made a motion to go into executive session at 3:15.  Motion was 2nd by Richard. Motion carried. 

Tim made a motion at 3:59 to come out of executive session.  Motion was 2nd by Jenny Motion Carried. 

Tim made a motion to adjourn. 2nd by Will.  Motion carried